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February Update

So after three weeks vacation in the Philippines I was anxious to get back in the shop and get to work on some knives lol....

I had a long weekend, President's Day weekend and spent that time well. I was able to get two knives completed!

These were the same style as my give away knife. A model I am calling my Camp Chef now.

Plan was to Auction off these two knives as they would be my first official "sales"

and it went GREAT!

The first knife was sold at auction bid up to $200 (top in the above pic) and I was planning to auction the second knife the following week but received a private offer for the same price as the first and accepted. so TWO knives sold! and the second is on its way to Germany! my first international sale which is really cool.

A lot of other big things happened this past month as well, I now have three models that have been finalized and I moved forward with a steel order and got a bunch of blanks water jetted out! these blanks are all .250" 1095 steel.

Lastly I also received my first commission, for a Santoku style Chef knife. This will be my first attempt at a chef knife and I'm a little nervous lol... but I will take my time and get it done. This will also be my first time working with stainless steel. The chef knife will be made from AEB-L.

As always thanks for following along with my journey!


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