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Hello and Welcome!

Just wanted to give a little background on my name and how it came to be.

The "DaHawaiian" part

I have been traveling to the Big Island for nearly 25 years.

I totally fell in love with the pace of life and the people.

Not to mention the beauty of the Island.

It was always my dream to one day move there and LIVE.

That became a reality in July of 2017 when we closed escrow on 20 acres of land on the Hilo side in Mountain View.

After nearly six months of putting in offers and attempting to buy different parcels of land we got one.

So now all the planning has started on what to do and what we want to make it into.

It's very exciting times for my wife and I and we are both looking forward to building our new life on the Big Island.

The "Viking" part

This one is much simpler lol....

after spending the majority of my life believing I had German heritage.

Mostly because of my last name, I decided to take one of those ancestry DNA test.

The results surprised me, 30% Scandinavian and 20% Irish so that means I am half Viking heritage lol... the remaining 50% was a mix of eastern and western Europe.

It was funny after I had found out because growing up, early teen years and later I would see movies or books or artwork that showed Vikings or the region where they lived and I would always have this feeling as though that's where I came from and it turns out my gut feelings were correct. This is something I have embraced in recent years of my life and also helped me to finally take steps to learn blacksmithing. It just seemed right.

and that's when it came to me...

Da Hawaiian Viking.

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