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New Shop! April Update.

So it's been a very busy month so far lol...

As of April 4th I had access to my new shop space. It's not much, a 100sqft room with in a 1800sqft maker space. but it is plenty of room for me, I am still working on getting my space set up how I want but I'm making good progress...

I built a dividing wall with a small bench space for my portaband and spindle sander to sit. This small room will have freezer style plastic curtains to keep all the grinding/sanding/cutting dust enclosed. My 2x72 also will be in this grinding room.

This is the start of my workbench. 9ft wide and about 30" deep.

I will be adding shelving on both sides of the peg board, hoping to get that project finished up this weekend.

Another great thing about my new space is that I have access to other equipment that is in the maker space. which includes a Grizzly manual mill, some other sanders and drill press and other tools. they also have several 3D printers including one that prints carbon fiber so that may come in handy making some custom knife scales down the road.

In addition I also got all my new stickers in and available on my website as well as I am starting to get some knives listed on there as well.

As always, Thank You for following!


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