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Blacksmithing is something I am in the process of learning and something I've always had an interest in.

Like many my inspiration was peaked and put in motion from watching Forged in Fire. It was the episode that I first saw Neil Kamimura in that made me start looking up classes, equipment that I would need to get started. At this point my wife and I had already started our journey of land ownership in Hawaii. Seeing Neil on the show, I guess it triggered my love for the Big Island and gave me the drive to move forward and start to learn the craft. 

I have taken several classes now and also working on my own to improve my skill.

I plan for this to be an income stream down the road as I learn more and hone my skills.

In addition to a blacksmithing forge I intend to have metal and woodworking capabilities as well.

The extent of which is still to be determined.

Right now our land is completely populated by many varieties of trees, bushes and shrubs.

It's basically rainforest. I know we will have to clear some land to build our home and other things but it will be as minimal clearing as needed. I want to keep as many trees and foliage intact as possible.

the trees I do remove I will keep and use for building and making products to sell.

Me, Jason...
Hot Forge
punch and pritchel
forged blade
Anvil stand
profiling blades
Camp Chef
hot forge
heat treat
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