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August is here already?

Hey Everyone!

I know I did not do an update last month...

Ive been busy trying to get my remaining commissions caught up and out the door.

Plus had my step-Daughters wedding happen this last month, in Switzerland.

The wedding was Awesome and the trip was short but we had fun and saw a few sites...

As most of you know I closed my books for commissions.

I have about eight remaining to finish up. It's a tricky balance to try to make knives and keep things going... It's a struggle financially, every month I consider closing up shop because I said that I am not going to dump any more of my own money into this hobby at the moment.

It's sometimes frustrating, I want to continue and to learn more, get better...

It's just difficult when working a regular full time job and having the energy and drive to continue, but I am pushing forward. Just not as fast as I had hoped lol...

I want to focus more on forging blades going forward and also adding some more content to my YouTube channel...

Some other Cool News!

the first weekend in October my wife and I will be traveling to the Big Island to walk our land and do a little surveying and get an idea of how we will start to develop and lay things out as far as where to put our new home, the shop, and the coffee orchard...

I will be making a video of that as well.

Thanks as always for tuning in and the support!


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