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It's been a very long time...

Well Good Morning,

So I know it has been many many months since my last update and I apologize for that.

I know I do not have a big following on this blog but a lot has happened since my last post. Where to start?

Well in July, I started a new job at East Asian Observatory as an instrument technician.

We work in and maintain two observatories on Mauna Kea, a month after starting the Protectors/Protesters showed up and blocked the road which I'm sure many of you may have seen or heard since it made news all over the world.

We did get access after a month or so and continued our work...

I ended up moving briefly staying in a coworkers Ohana for about 5-6 weeks.

During which time my wife had come to visit and we looked at houses.

We made an offer and ended up buying a house in Fern Acres which is a couple miles from our big property. Our initial plan was not to buy a house, we wanted to build a house but with the timing of my wife moving down (which is next week, the 16th)

we needed a place right away with really good internet.

We looked at renting but renting in Hilo is pricey, still nothing compared to SoCal where we were living previously. But, a two bedroom place to rent started around $1200 per month and up. That's when we started looking to buy.

We ended up buying a three bedroom two bath home on two acres of land and the mortgage is $1080 and with insurance, taxes, and association fees ends up being about $1225 a month.

On another front, in early October while my wife was here we went to a coffee orchard in Fern Acres and harvested coffee cherries. We then took them to a nursery in Hilo to grow seedlings that will eventually populate our first acre of Coffee on the large property.

I have been documenting all of this on my YouTube channel so please subscribe if you haven't and you can follow along there.

Thank You!

For following my adventures and I will have more frequent updates in the future...


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