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Things Moving Along...

Hello Everyone,

I am not to great at blog updates lol...

I mostly have updates via Instagram. But things are moving forward slowly but still moving.

Things happening right now is that I am about half way through my AG course with GoFarm Hawaii.

We have grown corn harvested and started selling, also my vegetables for my CSA (consumer supported agriculture) box are really doing well. First week of the CSA starts in a couple weeks.

Farm IG: @dhv_farms

At the house I have been building a chicken coop and preparing an area to be fenced for a chicken run.

we are starting small with five chickens, Black Australorps and we may expand to ten chickens if things go well. you can follow the build progress on my YouTube channel.

other than that it's just the normal day to day.

upcoming projects will be re-doing the gutter drain piping going to the catchment tank as well as the piping from the catchment tank to the pump house re-trenching and burying the pipes better. another project coming up will be setting posts and starting to build a gate for the driveway and also looking to pour a slab in our carport area.

Thanks for following along!



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