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January and February Update?

Hello and Thanks for hanging in there lol...

I don't have a huge update this month, my wife and I did have an amazing vacation to the Philippines for three weeks. which is partially why I don't have much of an update...

Blacksmithing: I have received my first order of high carbon plate steel and will be getting my first ever batch of knives water jetted so I will have nice clean blanks to start with, so that's kind of exciting. I also will be doing my first auction for a knife this week, most likely on Thursday the 22nd. Then a second auction to follow since I am building two Camp Chef models at the same time. This is the same model as my give away knife so if interested stay tuned to my IG feed for details.

Hawaii Land: I have finalized my decision to set aside 5 acres of our land to be dedicated to growing coffee... Initially this was just and idea because I love coffee hah hahah...

But I have been talking with another local grower and roaster and getting info on layout and set-up of the land. Check out if you get a chance.

I have also been trying to work with HARC ( ) trying to get info on their seedling program. so there's is some movement there.

The land development is going to be very slow, this is a time and money situation.

With our current plans to make our move in late 2020 to early 2021we are just trying to get things rolling in the proper order hopefully without overextending ourselves or having to re-do anything to major...

Thanks for Following our adventures!


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