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November Update

I have been busy trying to get equipment and work on getting my space set up for blacksmithing. In the time that we have till we actually make the move to Hawaii I am focusing a lot of my free time into blacksmithing and learning and growing this as a business. It is something I definitely plan to be doing once we get there. I know this time is going to go by fast lol... So the majority of the updates for now will be Blacksmithing related. I will soon have a store here on the site to start selling the things I make. my main focus at the moment will be making knives and hand forged blades. I will also have other forged goods for sale

Some equipment updates:

I just finished building a stand for my anvil, complete with hammer hangers.

I have started the restoration of my vintage forge, sanding everything down and repainting.

I just got a 2x72" grinder, this is a main staple tool wise for knife making. it is from a company named Ameribrade, they are local to me and have pretty good pricing.

I also just bought a Boyar-Schultz surface grinder, this is a serious game changer for knife making. This way I can take forged blades and make sure they are super flat. making a better product.

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