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New Anvil!

So today my wife and I drove to Arizona where I will be attending a knife making workshop with ABS Master Ray Rybar. It’s at Pieh Tool company in Camp Verde, AZ. They sell all kinds of stuff from hammer to anvils to horseshoes and forges. Today I picked up my anvil, this is my first Anvil. After looking for months to find a used anvil or a vintage anvil I decided just to purchase a brand new one. It’s an awesome anvil too.

It’s a TFS double horned Smithy Special.

Here’s the specs:

Weight: 200 lb Face: 5" x 21" Horn: 5" x 9" Length: 30" Height: 10 1/4" Hardie Hole: 1" Pritchel Hole: 7/8" Base: 9 3/4" x 12 1/2" Rockwell Hardness: 52

Looking forward to many years of forging on this bad boy.

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